Drugs Part 8: Miscellaneous Drugs

Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, meth, ecstasy, cocaine, mushrooms, mescaline, and LSD aren’t the only drugs I’ve done or tried. Those are simply the major ones that warranted their own posts, either because of interesting stories involved in their consumption or because the “weight” of the drug needed to be explained. In-between those stories are some smaller, less impactful experiences.


In 2000 (after tobacco, but before meth), I started dabbling in pills. At first, it was “herbal ecstasy” ordered off the Internet from unscrupulous websites. This was during the point in my life where I was unable to swallow pills whole, so every pill consumed was chewed to foul-tasting oblivion. This meant the herbal ecstasy (and whatever concoction of chemicals and minerals were contained within) was also chewed up. Chewing the pills up instead of swallowing meant the effects are experienced differently. With the herbal ecstasy (and to this day I don’t know what those pills contained), I felt a little lighter than normal, but nothing remotely close to the highs of alcohol or cannabis. I only ever took the recommended dose, which was something like 4 or 5 pills.

Over several months, I had ordered various ecstasy-like “alternatives” from various websites to try. I had wanted to try ecstasy and living in Tonopah, herbal alternatives promising the ecstasy experience were the closest I could get. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), none of those herbal supplements got near the actuality of MDMA/ecstasy.

Around that same time, I was given some Ritalin by a friend. I only took 1 at a time (chewed, naturally). They had little noticeable effect on me. I tried them several times more but felt virtually nothing each time.

When I visited Vegas in 2001 (a few days before I would try meth for the first time), my friend B gave me a Percocet. I’d never taken an actual prescription drug except for one time when my legs were injured when I was 11 or 12 (also chewed). The Percocet, like every other pill, was gnashed in my teeth in lieu of swallowing whole. This time I felt the effects and they were nice. I was relaxed, numb. Body loose, mind mushy. Similar to marijuana but honestly a lot more enjoyable. I ended up falling asleep soon after consuming the 1 dose of Percocet.

I came down with a serious bought of pneumonia in fall of 2001 and was prescribed Codeine (in liquid form). It was consumed for its intended purpose (I ached all over from the coughing and it hurt to breathe at times) but still that same mushiness I felt from Percocet months earlier was present. I received another Codeine prescription a year later (2002) for another serious lung issue (which happened when smoking cigarettes and meth regularly). I wasn’t in that much pain that time around, so the Codeine was consumed at a minimal so that it could be consumed later recreationally.

In 2003, I was given a pill of Morphine by a friend. By this point in my life, I was away from meth and on a “healthy” regiment of marijuana, ecstasy, mushrooms, and whatever prescription pills came my way. The morphine was taken immediately (swallowed this time, due to my years of eating ecstasy) and enjoyed more than any other opioid. I was a strange combination of functional and completely, blissfully numb. I was operating a body without pain receptors and a mind without the ability to worry. While ecstasy was and will always be my favourite, Morphine was a close second.

I’d only ever been on Morphine 1 other time and that was in 2016. I had been in-and-out of hospitals for a mysterious abdominal pain (that goes undiagnosed to this day and unfortunately still recurs) for several days and the only thing that solved my pain was a Morphine injection. This was the only time in my entire life (at the time of writing this) that a drug had been injected into my veins. It was a rush like no other, It instantly cured me of my pain and returned me to a blissfully numb existence. For several hours, I was as free and happy as a child. After 15 years (at that time) of having done drugs, I finally understood the allure of injecting drugs. Back in the day, we lampooned the idea of shooting up but after having Morphine administered to me in that manner, it sort of made sense for the first time.

In 2004, I was given Xanax by a barely-known acquaintance at a party. It was what we kids used to call a “Xanny Bar.” I had already been drinking and didn’t know that the bar was meant to have pieces broken off for consumption. I swallowed down the entire bar. I don’t remember much of that night, other than having an amazing, fuzzy time. During the following years, I’d be given Xanax and would have a pretty great time while one it. I actually had anxiety and would take the Xanax in broken-off-pieces (as intended) before going out in public. If I wanted to feel the “high” off it, I’d have 1 drink of alcohol or take a second piece off the Xanny Bar.

The Xanax high was essentially one of forgetfulness, but I rarely used it for recreational. I was illegally using Xanax for its legal, intended purpose. I also came to learn that Xanax is the perfect thing to consume while coming down off of any number of drugs (ecstasy included) to ensure a sound night of rest.

Xanax became the only other drug I actively sought out (ecstasy being the primary one). Even Morphine, which I enjoyed more than Xanax, wasn’t something I searched for. During these years, I would take virtually any pill placed in my path. There were anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, anti-psychotics, pain relievers, but rarely did I ever try to acquire them. More often than not, pills were mentioned as being not wanted and offered to me, rather than my inquiring about them. Ecstasy and Xanax were the exceptions.


In early 2002, after I left my first group of tweaker friends and met an all-new, second group of tweaker friends, I tried ketamine. Some of my new group and I had taken a trip to California to go to a rave called “How Sweet It Is.” Our first night there was spent at a California friend of theirs’ apartment, rolling on ecstasy (what we affectionately called “Roll Parties”). The rave was the next night and was cancelled, so we ended up back at that friend’s apartment. Ketamine was on the menu. I’d never tried it, but being 22 and eager for experiences, I had zero apprehension in trying it. A line was prepared for me and I snorted it up. It was a weird sort of burning I could only describe as “pasty.” The effect was similar to having a couple of alcoholic drinks, but my mind was slightly more clear and focused. Apparently, one can do enough ketamine to go into a “K-Hole” where you’re essentially unable to move and your vision narrows into a tunnel or “hole.” Several in our group continued doing lines in order to achieve this result (myself included). None of us reached that plateau.

Ketamine left me underwhelmed. Over the next few years, it would come around and be offered to me. I’d do a little bit, feel slightly relaxed and more malleable, but I never experienced anything that memorable. The last time I did it (in 2004 or 2005), I was already on a couple of hits of ecstasy and when I sorted a line of the Ketamine, it made me nauseous. I never touched it again.

“Legal” Drugs

In summer of 2002, a friend had ordered some AMT from the Internet and sold it to us. This was around the time that “research chemicals” were starting to pop up all over the Internet and were 100% legal to purchase. Research chemicals were a clever way to circumvent the DEA and anti-drug laws. All someone has to do is change the chemical makeup of an illegal drug ever-so-slightly and it suddenly becomes a new, legal drug. 2C-B (a drug that’s purported to be an experience like LSD and ecstasy) is illegal, so they dabble in the lab, changing one little chemical, and it’s suddenly you have 2C-I, which is perfectly legal. When they ban that, some retooling gets you 2C-E, and so on.

We were told that this brand-new research chemical AMT would make you feel like you were on ecstasy, LSD, and meth at the same time. 2 friends and I consumed our AMT (which was a white-ish, powder in a capsule) and after about an hour felt little. We each were slightly more energetic. Slightly “happier” feeling. And colours were barely brighter than normal. It was as if we three were at the edge of being intoxicated by this drug but simply didn’t have enough. This blas√© feeling lasting several long, frustrating hours. AMT was made illegal less than a year after that and I never tried it again.

I don’t remember who told me about DXM for the first time but in the beginning of 2003 (just after I quit meth), I was willing to try any drug. I purchased some Coricidin Cough & Cold (the recommended choice for robotripping at the time) and swallowed down much more than the recommended dose (as directed by friends). The experience was not enjoyable in any way. My body just felt weird. Foreign. Imagine the feeling of nausea, but instead of feeling it in your stomach you feel it throughout every inch of your body. All without the urge of having to actually throw up. It felt gross, like I didn’t want to be in my own body anymore.

Salvia divinorum came onto the scene in the early 2000s in head shops all over Vegas. It promised hallucinations when smoked correctly. Smoking it correctly meant having to take a number of big hits of it in succession from a bong. In 2004, my friends and I tried. Some of them felt minor hallucinatory effects. I never felt much off of the salvia and only tried it a couple of times.

Around the same time we tried Salvia, we were able to get our hands on some 5-MeO-DMT. It was some white-ish, clear-ish crystals lovingly sprinkled on top of some marijuana. I took my hit of the stuff and almost immediately began to hallucinate. I managed to hand the pipe off to my friend and stared at the television in my room. We had Aqua Teen Hunger Force on and the animated characters began melting and flowing out towards me. Their voices were echoing and transforming before hitting my ears. I was awash in brilliant colours that don’t yet have names and sounds that exist without description. It was like sitting while a dream rushed over you as if it were a river. The experience only lasts a few minutes before I was eased back to reality. It truly felt like I woke up from a dream and remembering the experience was no different than trying to remember parts of a dream. It was the only time I consumed that stuff.


The single greatest high I’ve ever experienced in my entire life is the combination of ecstasy and LSD. Back in 2001, my first group of tweaker friends talked about the combination of ecstasy and hallucinogens with fond reminiscing. Mushrooms plus ecstasy was “Hippie Flipping.” LSD plus ecstasy was “Candy Flipping.” While combining drugs is rarely a good idea, the aforementioned combinations were amazing and contained little risk.

I don’t remember the first time I “Hippie Flipped,” but I absolutely remember nearly every detail of my first time “Candy Flipping” (and detailed in this post). Mushrooms and ecstasy are quite similar to LSD and ecstasy, albeit less intense. The hallucinogenic properties of the mushrooms complement the ecstasy and enhance its hallucinogenic potential. Likewise, ecstasy enhances the empathic qualities of the mushrooms. They truly make the other a better, stronger, more intense, glowing-er experience overall. Individually, mushrooms and ecstasy begin to wear off after a few hours, so the comedown off both is pretty much in-sync when combined.

But LSD and ecstasy was, simply put, the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced. All the joy and empathy and connectedness of MDMA coupled with the brilliant wonderment and hallucinatory grandeur of LSD. On ecstasy, I love everyone and everything. On LSD, I hold a childlike wonderment with the world and love every facet of it. Candy Flipping is the closest thing to actual Heaven I could imagine. No other drug, combined or solo, has come close to the sheer beauty of the experience of combining LSD and ecstasy. The sole drawback for me was that the ecstasy will begin to wear off after a few hours, leaving me with a solid LSD trip for quite a few hours afterwards.

Other combinations are not quite as fruitful. While combining cocaine and cannabis (highlighted in this post) was quite the fun experience for me, it’s seldom a good idea to combine drugs, especially ones of the opposite end of the spectrum. I was lucky in my years of experimenting with drugs that nothing serious happened to me. I was severely incautious with what I took and what I mixed it with and am fortunate to still be here today to write about these experiences.