How I Found No God

My father wasn’t a religious man. He was a technical one. Though he often entertained the idea of the supernatural existing alongside us and of aliens hovering above, he was primarily a man of science-based thinking. The closest… Read More


I am depressed. I have depression, though I guess the popular terminology is I “suffer” from depression. I’ve “suffered” from depression as far back as my memories go. Everything from a young age has always felt empty and… Read More

Accepting Gravity

There are two constants in my creative life that have been around since I was a child. The first was a love and passion for music. I sang as often as I could. I was in both band… Read More

Art vs. Artist

Can we appreciate art, but not the artist who created it? Can we fairly choose a side when becomes art vs. artist? I thoroughly enjoyed the revival of Roseanne when it first came back. Some people complained she… Read More

Paradox of Being Alive

3 people I know died yesterday. Unrelated to each other. While I didn’t technically “know” them, each played an interesting part of my life. The first was actress Katherine Helmond. I never met her. Being a child raised… Read More

Mountain of Faces

Imagine you’re out at the grocery store. Wandering through the produce section, looking for just the right tomato. The first one’s a bit too soft for your liking. The second one is better, but it’s lopsided in such… Read More

The Voice

There’s a sinister voice that lives inside of me. A dark, depraved thing always lying in wait. It’s temporarily quieted by whatever I can occupy myself with at any given time. Though in my slower moments, when my… Read More