Drugs Part 10: Addiction

I am beyond fortunate to be able to sit here, healthier than I’ve ever been in my life, and recall my drug days with candour, detachment, and a touch of whimsy. The damage done in my youth because… Read More

Drugs Part 9: Comedown

It’s incredibly easy to look back at my drug heydays with a sort of fond reminiscing. I have an almost nostalgic, candy-coated hindsight when I think about my past drug experiences. How could I not? To paraphrase the… Read More

Drugs Part 8: Miscellaneous Drugs

Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, meth, ecstasy, cocaine, mushrooms, mescaline, and LSD aren’t the only drugs I’ve done or tried. Those are simply the major ones that warranted their own posts, either because of interesting stories involved in their consumption… Read More

Drugs Part 7: Hallucinogens

Hallucinogens were the last bastion of drug exploration for me. I’d done everything else in the “allowed” group of drugs [i.e. everything that wasn’t heroin, PCP, and crack (even though the latter I did do by accident –… Read More

Drugs Part 6: Cocaine

At this point in my life, I’d surrounded myself with (what I thought at the time were) great people who were more versed in living life than I was without a hint of negative side effects from their… Read More

Drugs Part 5: Ecstasy

In 1997, I was exposed to Daft Punk’s Around the World and it changed my life. I absorbed as much electronic music and electronic music culture over the years as I could. I would always be seen in… Read More

Drugs Part 4: Meth

There was a friend of ours growing up who did meth (we’ll call him “R”). We didn’t see him very often as he was busy tweaking, but we heard stories. Stories of lying and stealing. Tales of explosively… Read More

Drugs Part 3: Tobacco

I don’t recall the specific details about the first time I smoked tobacco. I’d already had my first taste of alcohol and smoked weed for the first time and neither had a detrimental effect, so it’s very likely… Read More

Drugs Part 2: Marijuana

It was early 2000, a bit after my 20th birthday. The sun had fallen to darkness. My father was asleep at the other end of the house. I was up late, watching television. There was a tiny, little… Read More

Drugs Part 1: Alcohol

I want to talk about drugs. I want to talk openly and honestly about drugs. Nearly everything I see swings heavily either into the “Drugs are terrible” or the “Drugs are amazing” category. Both are true and false… Read More