-The High Tide-

you're my razorblade
my sugarcane
the high tide
coming back to shore
waves crash
against each other
i'll stop time
i'll stop the moon

the wind comes in
the fogs rolls out
the rain brings
shadows to my head
take one quick step
one deep breath in
come down
come down
come down to me

wander through this maze
this garden
this neverending invention
my memory machine
filled with illusions
filled with promises to keep

you're my police state
my lemonade
a snake handler
dancing wildly
i'll drown inside your
beautiful poison
beatufiul poison

pink skies over us
as the sun burns out
as the mirage burns out
as you burn
you're not real
your alien eyes
your alien lips
your alien smile
keeps tabs on us

forget the folds
in the paper
forget the cement
in my shoes
is the the way
you run from me
is this half empty
half full
half empty
half full

written by wonkknow
copyright 2018 wonkKnow

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